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Simply the most refined cartridge in the range for exrtra performance this is the Airy 3 but with the body stripped away. This slightly reduces resonance and hence increases performance. 

Regarded as one of the top cartridge manufacturers in the world, ZYX (pronounced "zikks") is now establishing itself in the UK.

"The natural detail and extension is almost startling after years of living with Benzes and Koetsus and Clearaudios and Shelters and van Den Huls and whatevers. This is one major area that drives vinyl lovers to change cartridges to find that ideal balance between enjoying fine detail and life-like resolution, but without any artificial harshness and glare". read more

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Please note: ZYX cartridges are not available outside the UK unless purchased with an arm or turntable.

Click here to view a specification comparison chart of all ZYX Cartridges.

The world’s first High-speed generation system

Eddy currents which occurs in generation system raises the magnetic impedance in the circuit and affects to the transient response of the sound signal, and as a result, the reproduced sound is badly deteriorated. Eddy currents which occur on a pair of opposite pole faces (N pole, S pole) reverse phase each other. There should be a solution to eliminate such eddy currents.

However, ZYX has discovered that there are two pairs of the eddy currents existing in the magnetic circuit and therefore, it is necessary to neutralize and eliminate these two pairs of the eddy currents at once. The “Premium” series cartridges are equipped with a new “Balanced type eddy current elimination mechanism” which we developed to solve this problem, and succeeded to reproduce an accurate time axis of the sound signal by non-magnetic impedance.

Employment of a new suspension wire

The new material which was not thought about in the past are developed one after another. One of them is a thin and tough material while being flexible.

The suspension wire of MC cartridge is to hold and position the fulcrum of the rotary vibration of the cantilever, and a hard metal wire like piano wire has been commonly used conventionally.

Instead of a hard metal wire, we employed in Premium series new optimal material without aging, tough and of superior temperature characteristics. This brought an improvement in tracking ability and a sense of pitch that soaks into a soul. As a result, the true analog sound of Premium series was further improved in the sense of reality.

“REAL STEREO” Generator System

world’s first 15 vital design points as our know-hows

The Most Superior Cantilever

The AIRY 3 series uses an ideal Boron Solid Cantilever, which creates a cantilever of the lowest mass, the highest rigidity and the fastest response to the most dynamic.

This model is available to special order.


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