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Performance Enhancements

The following products can significantly upgrade the sound of your turntable, for a relatively small outlay.

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  1. Upgrade-Platter-Mat

    Upgrade Platter Mat


    Probably the best low cost, high value upgrade you can make to your turntable regardless of its origin. It adds transparency, dynamics and bass depth. At only 1mm thick it’s easy to install without causing problems. The diameter is 296mm to fit inside the lip of decks such as the LP12 .

    "I've no hesitation in recommending it"   Best Accessory Award - Hi Fi World Magazine

    The turntable mat however is possibly the biggest improvement I have heard from any upgrade so far."   Rod Woods

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  2. Ordering Page for ALL Belt Upgrades - scroll down

    Ordering Page for ALL Belt Upgrades - scroll down


    "That innocuous looking piece of rubber has a far greater effect upon the sound of a turntable than most of us realise .....The Upgrade Belt ... is one of the most cost effective changes that I have made to this deck (LP12).....I suggest you buy one and try it. I am both amazed and impressed at the improvement it makes to the sound of my Sondek. HI FI WORLD MAGAZINE .

    The unique Origin Live Upgrade Belt is made from a special rubber far superior to that found in normal belts, providing a great opportunity to seriously upgrade the performance of your turntable. The dramatic performance increase derives from increased grip and less vibration transmitted into the platter.

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  3. Multi-Layer Platter Upgrade

    Multi-Layer Platter Upgrade


    The Multi-Layer Platter development and production costs were high but the perfromance improvements are worth it. Noteable are increased dynamics, ultra fast transients, deeper bass and improved definition throughout the range. However all aspects of the music benefit from the multi-layer platter.

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  4. Turntable-oil-record-deck-turntable-bearing

    Origin Live Platter Glide turntable oil

    Turntable Oil that makes a real difference

    "I found a definite improvement in sonics after using this, with both low level detail and musicality improving noticeably - the sound just seemed smoother and more natural. Highly commended then! "

    - HiFi Choice, July 2012 Full review

    Origin Live’s special Turntable Oil is one of the very best such products, specially selected after trying many hundreds of oil and additive combinations over the past two decades. Its very low friction and ideal viscosity ensure very low noise and ultra low bearing wear. Probably the finest oil on sale for this specific application, it should not however be used with decks which have inverted main bearings, or bearings where the platter spindle is not immersed in oil (such as the Technics SL-1200).

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  5. Cartridge-Upgrade-Using-5-Nylon-Washers

    Cartridge Upgrade Using 5 Washers


    This set of five plastic washers can significantly improve your cartridge performance.

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  6. Isolating-Disc-Pads-equipment-feet

    Isolating Disc Pads


    Made from the same material as our award-winning platter mat, these pads bring a useful sonic improvement to vibration-sensitive equipment.

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  7. Cartridge-Man-Isolator

    Cartridge Man Isolator


    This can enhance sound quality when fitted between your phono cartridge and headshell. It comes in two versions:

    6-2.0: For all tested tonearms using a cartridge with threaded mounting holes, such as Lyra and Dynavector. This method has the bolts threading directly into the cartridge.
    6.2.4: For all tested tonearms using a cartridge with non-threaded mounting holes – almost all MM and most MCs. The mounting method is two bolts and two nuts.

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  8. Belt (round) for older Origin Live decks only

    Belt (round) for older Origin Live decks only


    Origin Live's high quality Round Belts (2mm diameter) for older Origin Live decks that use a grooved pulley rather than crowned with flanges. You can order a tall pulley on our website (see motor kits then spares on side menu) that will take the upgrade flat belt we offer. If you have the slightest difficulty in pulling off your old pulley without excessive force, then gently cut away the old plastic pulley with sharp wire snips, taking care not to exert undue force on the motor spindle.

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