Legendary giant killer, "design of the decade”

"Incredibly smooth, natural and organic, just cuts to the quick. I could go on forever about its insight, liquidity, grip and low level detail resolution, but I won't. Suffice to say that this is probably the best tonearm in the world right now, and the price tag is laughably low. The Silver (MK1) is… the very best tonearm I've ever heard… awesomely tight bottom end, glass-clear midband, fantastic image precision, walkaround soundstaging and incredible timbral realism… open and airy up top. Words can’t express how good this is. One of the designs of the decade.” Hi-Fi World  full review

"Origin Live’s Mark Baker continues his worldwide dominance of tonearm design with this extensive reworking of the already superb Silver. Retaining the original’s superb timing, rhythm, bass control, and articulation, the new MKII adds a substantially more neutral midband and top end, able to integrate the typical rising high frequency response of moving coil cartridges coherently and without edge. Capable of great nuance and extreme subtlety, the Silver MKII also has great authority, drive and control, yielding an exceptionally deep communication of all music’s meaning." Stereo Times  full review

"There may be better value propositions around to upgrade your system but if there is I haven’t heard them… A fantastic product then from Origin Live and this particular audiophile’s dream review tool." TNT Audio  full review

“A terrific arm, a terrific bargain, and obviously, the highest of recommendations” Stereo Times, Most wanted component of the year

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Silver Tonearm

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"I have fitted my new (Silver) tonearm and can now see why you were so excited about it. It gives a very clear focus to my music, the stereo effect is superb and the response is incredible. All the instruments in each piece I played have a new vibrancy about them. To say that I am very pleased with it would be an understatement. It was also extremely easy to fit and set up. It has only after such a short time given a new meaning to vinyl listening for me. Thank you for your advice."

R Warrom, UK

"Two years ago I bought a Gyro SE with a Rega 600 arm and Ortofon Roman cartridge. This again, was a huge step up (from my Linn Axis). Recently I have purchased your Silver arm. I put it on my Gyro with the Ortofon cartridge and was completely blown away. I was amazed at how much better vinyl playback could still get. Every aspect of the music was improved with no compromise. Over the years I have made many improvements (some very costly) to my system, but this arm is by far the biggest improvement I have ever made.”

J Strattan, Vancouver, Canada


Now in MK3A form, the Silver has undergone significant upgrading since its introduction in 2002. When first launched, the arm received widespread acclaim for outperforming high end arms, but at a fraction of the cost.

Silver has a wide range of strengths which make it a great all rounder. Highly musical, it tracks dynamics accurately and gets right into the groove of the music. It has a natural tonal balance with excellent transparency and fine performance at both frequency extremes. A superb all rounder at a giveaway price, it has no obvious weaknesses and represents the first step on the high end performance ladder.

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For more information, click on the relevant sidebar links. ‘Key Information’ gives a detailed overview of all Origin Live tonearms.


All critical items employ advanced alloys and innovative techniques.

• Single-piece aircraft alloy tube with special stub for improved counterweight rigidity

• Robust, highly specified bearings, housed in an advanced decoupled yoke

• High grade Internal Litz wiring with upgrade external cable and RCA plugs

• Integral VTA adjustment

 Fits all Rega armboard cutouts - old style threaded base or new 3-point mounting

• Optional SME adaptor, for easy fitting to any SME armboard. LP12 armboard also available

Origin Live recommends that you order a stylus force gauge (from £9.50), for the accurate setting of tracking force – see the options tab to the left.

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  • Tonearms-Silver-Orign-Live-MK3A
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  1. A dream came true Review by Major

    I bought the OL Silver via Reference audio in munich. For years i thought about upgrading my 1210 M5G, already upgraded it with isonoe isolation feet and new wiring made by highend-online. But to seriously upgrading the deck a new arm must be bought. So i finally did it and to say the least: i am not regretting it a bit! With the help of OL´s pdf manuals and a few Youtube-videos i managed to install the arm with ease. And boy it sounds great. Stage is wider, the music doesn´t come out of the speakers it is just there in the room, bass more defined, instruments better seperated from each other and better localizable. Simply astonishing!
    Thank you OL! (Posted on 02/02/2017)

  2. terrific Review by Richard

    Just been playing my way through my record collection with the new Onyx I ordered through Holburn HiFi, with a Dynavector 10XV, mounted on my Linn with your DC motor kit I bought a while back. Replaced a Linn Basik Plus.
    Impressive! All the hifi jargon keeps coming to mind- and now makes more sense; space between instruments, an open, airy sound yet with more body..and vocals with much more emotion.....terrific.
    Richard - Aberdeenshire
    (Posted on 18/12/2013)

  3. Sublime sound Review by myoung

    I have a Silver MK3a on a Gyrodec,sublime sound!!!!!
    Mark Young (Posted on 19/10/2013)

  4. I have a new addiction Review by DavidT

    My starting point was an Origin Live Ultra kit turntable that I acquired with an RB250 arm. The three upgrades I have made are the Origin Live Ultra DC100 motor kit, Origin Live Silver arm and the Origin Live upgraded turntable belt. Now that this has all been brought together I am enjoying the very best sound I have had from a system in my home. My other source is a Naim CDS II CD player, in its day possibly the best CD player in the world. With my new set up it hardly gets used and most of my CD collection has been relegated to listening in car.

    Whilst each element has brought about tremendous difference I feel it is best to talk about the final product. The sound has a clarity and fluidity I never expected to hear from vinyl. It certainly passes the test of clarity as now I want to listen at much higher volumes and yet it never gets loud. Staging is superb, and the bass is really astonishing compared to other vinyl experiences I have had, very deep and tuneful. However, rather than dissecting the sound, piece by piece it is better to reflect on the overall result. The sound has a deliciously live dimension to it with sharp transients and super-crisp timing. I have recently started buying vinyl again and I think I have a new addiction. Thank you for your work and given how amazing this modest set up can sound (and I am sure further tweaks can only help) then your greater creations must be mind-blowing.

    The only downside on this journey is the DC100 motor which is quite noisy. This noise can certainly be reduced by careful (re)installation and I have now covered the body of the motor in Dynamat damping which has really helped sonically if not so much audibly!

    Keep up the good work - I may be back for new turntable one day.

    The system is a Dynavector DV20X, Naim 52, Supercap, NAP135 x 2, SL2, N-Sub.

    Warm regards,
    David Taylor
    (Posted on 19/10/2013)

  5. Astonishing Review by Phil Carter

    Silver tonearm arrived Saturday,fitted to Aurora Gold within half an hour.Very easy.
    Superbly built and all adjustments very easy.
    This arm has barely left an lp in the last four days.
    I could give all the rave hifi terms about imaging and air,bass slam etc,but their is no point.This is without doubt the best tone arm I have ever owned and I have had top of the range Linn,Townshend Hadcock etc.
    it is incredible value for money and the biggest compliment I can pay it is in the wee small hours when I should be going to bed I have to listen 'to just one more album'
    I shall be purchasing a new cartridge next and with the superb products I have had from Mark and Origin Live the only choice is an Origin Live Cartridge (Posted on 12/06/2013)

  6. The most noticeable improvement Review by David B

    After reading reviews in several publications I felt it was a good strategy to improve the sound in my system. The silver arm was a game changer. Everything workes so well. I can't stop listening.
    Detail, silence, tracking.
    Outstanding!!! (Posted on 05/06/2013)

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