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"The best tonearm I've heard to date… brilliantly detailed yet utterly musical, this arm is set to join the ranks of the all-time greats. Wholeheartedly recommended.” David Price, HiFi World  full review

"The winner is the Origin Live Illustrious, a pick-up arm that is quite simply breathtaking…” Albert Lee, Hi-Fi World  full review
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This tonearm sounds astonishing, compared to both Origin Live arms further down the range, and its commercial rivals. This is thanks to the ground-breaking design, and meticulous attention to detail in every respect of its construction.

The result is a tonearm that has been widely acclaimed as a performance benchmark. Reviewers and customers alike love the Illustrious for its outstanding bass power, superb dynamics and consummate musicality. It has supreme transparency too, allowing the finest cartridges to be used. Few designs better this brilliant device.

To understand how much a high end tonearm can improve the sound of your system, see 'why tonearms really matter'. This explains why Origin Live products have cutting-edge performance and provides an in-depth explanation of many facets of their design. Scroll Down for online ordering and product information.

For more information, click on the relevant sidebar links. ‘Key Information’ gives a detailed overview of all Origin Live tonearms.



• hybrid arm tube, composed of 5 materials for superb energy dissipation

• ultra low friction dual-pivot bearings for sweet, precise treble performance Dual-Pivot explained

• floating vertical bearings decouple the armtube from the deck, reducing coloration

• high mass Yoke results in an especially solid sound, particularly in the bass

• high strength aircraft alloy headshell for increased dynamics

• superb quality copper conductor plugs eliminate signal degradation

integral VTA adjustment

fits all Rega armboard cutouts – old style threaded base or new 3-point mounting

Illustrious Tonearm

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"Combining the sonic virtues of both unipivot and gimballed bearings in a fuss-free package, it should work exceedingly well with a wide variety of cartridges and turntables. It is certainly the best all-around tonearm I've ever had in my own system. Highly recommended!”

-Bruce Kinch  Read Full Review 

"The sound is very dynamic and always effortless, with the silent background the performers seem to appear out of nowhere. This is what analog is all about! The bass isn't overdone as some other tables are (i.e. VPI), but everything is very well balanced in tonality. Very natural while always rich and engaging…”

-Bill  Read Full Review

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  1. difficult to imagine a better musical experience than this. Review by Liam

    Many thanks for the recently arrived Calypso and Illustrious. This is a shockingly good combination which is dramatically superior to
    my previous deck, a Linn LP12/Ittok. The Calypso/Illustrious has huge authority and solidity in the stereo image which is substantially deeper and
    wider than anything I have heard before. Complex orchestral passages widen out to reveal individual instrument timbres and their location in the soundscape. The dynamic range is also vastly superior and capable of both power and subtlety. Most importantly the whole experience is very musically engaging. All of this is with a week old deck and a £100 cartridge, which only confirms Origin Live's design philosophy of the importance of the turntable and arm. I can't praise this combination highly enough. Anyone wanting a taste of musical paradise at an extremely reasonable price should seriously consider Origin Live. It's difficult to imagine a better musical experience than this. (Posted on 18/10/2014)

  2. This is a superb arm Review by Steven

    This is a superb arm. The only problem I have is that I purchased an LP yesterday that is badly warped, but it tracks so well I don’t know whether to send it back.

    The cable is warming up now, after about 20 hours, is sounding seriously richer in texture and dimensionality and solid in the bass than my alleged high end Clearaudio Unify. This is through my old Bryston solid state amp, can’t wait to get my ART Audio tube amp back from modification.

    The set up was dead easy, and it is a joy to operate compared to my undamped Unify that flew around all over the place.

    Steven Segal
    (Posted on 18/12/2013)

  3. Fantastic work Review by Neil

    I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with the service I received from your company. You can see below the communications I had with Mel about having the external wire on my Illustrious Mk1 tonearm replaced. It was an absolute delight to receive such excellent service from a manufacturer and I am absolutely over-the-moon with the product quality, workmanship, price, efficiency and communications that Mel and Origin Live have delivered. I also had a very nice telephone conversation with Mel when I was making payment for the work, when I was informed by Mel that the arm bearings were a little tight so they'd been put right too. This extra time and effort is also very telling of the excellent customer service provided. (many companies in a similar situation would either have not noticed or just not done anything about it!)
    The arm is now looking and more importantly sounding absolutely superb (it's only had a few hours through the new external cable) and will be getting a lot more use in the very near future.
    Until recently, I worked in a branch of Sevenoaks Sound and Vision, so i am well aware of the levels of customer service (or often the lack thereof) with many hifi companies and I have to say, I think Origin Live was right up there with the very best! Hence why i decided to spend a few minutes sending this email to thank you and indeed Mel.
    I'm sure I will be purchasing more Origin Live products in future, after such a positive experience. Please keep up the fantastic work!

    Kindest regards,
    Neil Quinney
    (Posted on 07/09/2013)

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