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  1. Universal Threaded VTA Adjuster

    Universal Threaded VTA Adjuster


    The "threaded VTA adjuster" will suit all decks. It is simply a thin threaded collar which threads onto the rega arm base. As the collar is rotated it raises and lowers the height of the arm. You need a mounting hole of 24mm diameter or over. If your armboard is less than 11mm thick please let us know as we will need to add a spacing washer to your order - this adjuster works well on the Linn LP12. Fortunately Rega decks and many others have this diameter already as the hole for the Rega arm is toleranced sufficiently oversize. The threaded VTA adjuster initially raises the height of the rega arm by 2mm due to the top flange thickness - it can then raise the arm further by approx 10mm depending on the thickness of your armboard. This adjuster is included as standard with the Silver and above tonearms, so does not need to be purchased seperately.

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  2. LP12 Armboard pre-drilled for all Origin Live & Rega arms
  3. SME-Adaptor-plate-Rega-arms-armboard-mount

    SME Adaptor


    Origin Live Adaptor plate to mount all Origin Live and older style (not 3 point mount) Rega arms to any SME armboard mount.

    The top of the Origin Live arm plate adaptor sits at 10mm above the surface it is mounted on. This height can be a problem in raising the arm too high. You will normaly need at least 29mm between the top of the platter (including mat) and the top of the arm plate adaptor. Put another way - if you start with the height of an armboard without the Origin Live adaptor, it needs to be 10 + 29mm = 39mm or more below the top of the platter, for the arm to fit happily using the Origin Live armplate adaptor.

    The adaptor plate is made of 3mm thick Stainless steel. 5mm spacers, fastening bolts and washers are provided along with an allen key.

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  4. Technics-Armboard-tonearn-options

    Technics Armboard


    "This modification makes a good turntable into a variation. So if you're in the market for any new DJ equipment, I can recommend this new Origin Live armboard without any reservation at all. " read more
    -Hi Fi World

    • Click here to view fitting instructions for the technics deck
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  5. Sliding-VTA-Adjuste- tonearms-turntables-tonearm-options

    Sliding VTA Adjuster - adds 13mm to height of arm and thus will not fit most decks


    The "sliding VTA adjuster" is the best sounding adjuster but adds 13mm to the height of your arm postion due to its thickness. Using this adjuster you can further raise the arm by an additional 20mm.

    The sliding VTA adjuster gives infinite adjustment and improves the sound quality. It consists of a sleeve that you can adjust vertically using a grub screw to clamp it in position. The mechanism is similar to the Linn arm height adjustment. It is worth noting that the sleeve clamps the arm in position without damaging its threads. The flange holding the sleeve is fastened onto your armboard using 2 or 3 bolts or screws unequally spaced on a 55mm diameter circle. It needs a mounting hole somewhere between 28mm - 42mm in diameter and is then screwed or bolted to the armboard using 3 fastenings . The overall diameter of the VTA is 70mm.

    To work out if your deck will accept the adjuster, allow for the following - The height between the top of your armboard and the top of the platter must be greater than 44mm. If this is the case then the Origin Live VTA adjuster will fit your deck mounted on top of the armboard. The VTA adjuster actually improves performance significantly because it decouples the arm.

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  6. Cartridge-Man-Isolator

    Cartridge Man Isolator


    This can enhance sound quality when fitted between your phono cartridge and headshell. It comes in two versions:

    6-2.0: For all tested tonearms using a cartridge with threaded mounting holes, such as Lyra and Dynavector. This method has the bolts threading directly into the cartridge.
    6.2.4: For all tested tonearms using a cartridge with non-threaded mounting holes – almost all MM and most MCs. The mounting method is two bolts and two nuts.

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