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Stylus Care & Cleaning

For advice on how best to clean your stylus the way by industry experts recommend please see link How to clean your stylus

The products below are among the best in the field.

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  1. Green Stuff paper

    Green Stuff paper

    "Green Stuff" abrasive paper for cleaning your stylus. Highly effective in removing embedded debris when other methods fail. Learn More & order online
  2. Vinyl-Passion-Dust-Buster

    Vinyl Passion Dust Buster


    The VP Dust Buster offers the finest protection for your Stylus Increasing its Life by up to 1000 hours. Very Easy To Use.........Your VP Dust Buster will give many years of trouble free service and keep both your Stylus and Vinyl in pristine condition

    Learn More & order online
  3. Lyra-Stylus-Performance-Treatment

    Lyra Stylus Performance Treatment


    Lyra Stylus Performance Treatment is a purified water-based, non-alcohol stylus cleaner that helps keep cartridge styli scrupulously clean.

    Learn More & order online
  4. L'Art-Du-Son-Cleaning-Fluid

    L'Art Du Son Cleaning Fluid


    This is THE record cleaning fluid to use for significant performance increase and to avoid damage to your records - "I strongly recommend L'Art du Son Record Cleaning Liquid. One bottle should last about three years for the typical audiophile." THE MUSIC. COM

    Learn More & order online

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