Sound Quality

3 reasons to bother about great sound quality?

Special experience

The Vienna Opera house is home ot one of the best orchestras in the world and hosts world famous performers like Placido Domingo. Seats to attend are not exactly cheap so what makes this place special? The opera house is not the biggest in the world - in fact when it was rebuilt, they made it smaller for one reason which was to improve the acoustics. The fact is that people recognise sound quality to be very important at a conscious or sub-conscious level.

Adds enjoyment

Music has the ability to change our mood, it can also bring back memories and life experiences.

Good for the brain

Music releases feel good chemicals into the brain and increases focus and clarity. When sound quality is poor, the brain knows what it wants to hear and "fills in for reality". The problem is that this is work for the brain that detracts from enjoyment.

Music is one of the greatest gifts in life. The truth is that most never get to hear it reproduced in it's fullness. Our goal is to remedy this and enable you enjoy it the way it should bel.

Finding a sound that allows you to really connect with the emotion of an original performance, is probably what you are looking for. This is said in various ways such as

"It was so real theat you felt you were at the concert"

"I thought the singers were in the room with me"

"I was no longer listening to Hi Fi but just became immersed in the music"

We have found that to achieve this goal means reproducing music with extraordinary accuracy. The ear can hear air movement down to one tenth of the diameter of a hydrogen atom - in other words you can't get more sensitive. Our designs focus on reproducing the original event so that music actually sounds like real instruments and real voices.

Key elements that you must have to create realism

This level of accuracy is not easy to achieve as there are severe technical challenges which are listed in the side menu item "Auditioning".

Many designs end up compromising the most difficult aspects and the effect is like looking through rose tinted glasses, notes all sound slightly softened or there is a lot of detail in the music but no warmth and bass. At Origin Live we have 3 aspects that we believe make for the most enjoyable sound possible.

  • Powerfull dynamics & very high transient speed approaching that of live music makes music exciting and invigorating to hear.
  • Transparency - This is the opposite of a "wall of sound" often created by impressive multi-driver speakers. Clarity and the ability to hear each strand of the music in it's correct position on the soundstage is paramount.
  • Correct tonal balance - music must not only be transparent but have warmth, body and weight

Judging by the incredibly positive feedback we receive, these values are shared by the vast majority which is a great indicator that you too will get on well with our products.





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