GSP Audio Phono Stages

Please note: GSP Audio Phono Stages are not available outside the UK.

The Graham Slee line-up of phono stages/preamps are a cut above the rest. With inherent vinyl noise reduction, superb musicality and breathtaking sound staging, new vinyl users as well as those more seasoned are amazed at the results.

"The UK-based Graham Slee Audio Projects firm has arrived tsunami-like on the phono stage scene in recent years, setting new standards for high resolution, neutrality, and compelling musical communication"

The Stereo Times

GSP phono stage preamps feature so many advanced techniques they make vinyl listening a real pleasure as 10 years of reviews and thousands of owners testify. And now with ultra-linear technology built-in to all but their lowest priced phono preamps you can enjoy the sound of a valve/tube phono preamp with solid-state reliability. More than 35 years of research into what really makes vinyl sound great goes into every one of their phono stages/preamps, so it's hardly surprising that the true vinyl listener chooses a Graham Slee phono stage preamp.

Starting from the budget Gram Amp 2 Communicator the performance reaches a new high as you move up the range - make your choice from the GSP phono stage preamp product range today!

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  1. Gram-Amp-2-Communicator-phoo-stage

    GSP Audio - Gram Amp 2 Communicator


    It may look cheap and plain but this little phono preamp is legendary for its audio performance! The Gram Amp 2 Communicator phono preamp is THE phono preamp that first made the GSP name synonymous with superior vinyl reproduction and incredible sound staging!

    Learn More & order online
  2. PSU1-Upgrade-Power-Supply

    PSU1 Upgrade Power Supply

    The PSU1 is the unipolar linear audio power supply supplied with the flagship phono stage preamps and headphone amplifiers. Learn More & order online
  3. Gram-Amp-2-SE

    GSP Audio - Gram Amp 2 Special Edition


    A phono stage/preamp for moving magnet, high output moving coil and moving iron phono cartridges.

    "I can't think of any other phono stage anywhere near its price that can match the 2 SE's clear, taut, and dynamic bass response, nor approach its high frequency clarity and resolution."   STEREO TIMES

    Learn More & order online
  4. phono-stage-Gram-Amp-3-Fanfare

    Gram Amp 3 Fanfare


    An RIAA phono stage preamp dedicated to moving coil cartridge pre-amplification.

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  5. GSP Audio Gram Amp 3 Fanfare MC Phono Pre Amp Front
  6. Era-Gold V-Phono-Stages

    GSP Audio - Era Gold V


    The Era Gold V phono stage preamp is for moving magnet, moving iron and high output moving coil phono cartridges in the range 2mV to 10mV.

    "This amazing-sounding product took me by surprise. I continue to recommend it for high-output moving coil cartridges..."

    Michael Fremer, Analog Corner, Stereophile

    Learn More & order online
  7. phono-stage-Reflex-C

    Reflex M or C

    The Reflex M phono stage preamp is the new one box solution for Moving Magnet Cartridges - capable of high end performance.The Reflex C phono stage preamp is the new one box solution for conventional (low) output moving coil cartridges having an output of 0.2 to 1.0 mV. Learn More & order online
  8. GSP Audio Reflex-M Front
  9. Amplifier-preamplifier-GSP-Elevator-EXP

    GSP Elevator EXP c/w PSU1 power supply (MC step up)


    The Elevator EXP Pre Preamplifier preamplifies the signal from a conventional output moving coil phono cartridge to moving magnet cartridge sensitivity. The signal is then fed to a moving magnet phono stage as pictured right.

    It's better than a step up transformer because noise cannot be induced into it, and it's far more linear making for a better bass response.

    It's the electronic equivalent of a moving coil step up transformer, or as moving coil enthusiasts abbreviate it:SUT. However, a step up transformer easily picks up hum and electrical disturbances — it also consumes some of the delicate signal current to magnetize its core. What's so bad about that? Read on.

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  10. GSP Audio Reflex-C Front
  11. phono-stage-Revelation-M

    Revelation M or C


    Revelation M phono stage preamp: for moving magnet, high output moving iron and high output moving coil cartridges

    "...the musical delivery steps up several levels - to the extent that with certain records it starts to challenge the musical virtues (as opposed to the sonic qualities) of the more expensive units here."

    Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi +

    Revelation C phono stage preamp: for low output moving coil cartridges. Capable of high end sound with huge levels of flexibility.

    Learn More & order online
  12. GSP Audio - Revelation Front

    GSP Audio - Revelation MM & Revelation MC Archival Phono Preamplifier

    GSP Audio - Revelation MM & Revelation MC Archival Phono Preamplifier Learn More & order online
  13. Jazz-Club-Phono-Stage-Pre-amp

    Jazz Club

    The Jazz Club multi-curve switched EQ phono stage/preamp isn't just for jazz - it's for all records! Learn More & order online
  14. GSP Audio - Accession Phono Stage

    GSP Audio - Accession Phono Stage

    Phenomenal phono stage that cannot be overhyped because it really is that good - comfortably outperforms many phono stages at well over 4 times the price. GSP audio may not always be flavour of the month but is a true market leader that shatters the recommendations of a seemingly endless stream of mediocre stages with great reviews. Learn More & order online

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