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London cartridges are based on the original Decca design and are made under licence from Decca. These cartridges are absolutely unique in both concept and performance. The value for money is outrageous (in the best possible way) as they put most high end cartridges to shame in so many critical areas. The most immediate impression given is of fabulous live feel to music - in other words, notes start with lightening speed and decay with precision  - just as they should - this makes the average cartridge sound almost glacial in its presentation. Those with slight hearing loss do not always notice speed so this may not be important to some folks. The next outstanding characteristic is huge dynamic range - this makes the music so much more listenable  at low volumes that it is simply staggering. At normal levels it makes for an exciting and highly entertaining experience. However this is just the beginning - the London cartridges have it all - in spades. Tonal accuracy, delicacy, seperation and imaging.

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  1. London-Decca-Moving-Magnet-Cartridge-Decapod

    London Decapod Cartridge


    A rigid alloy body holder to replace the standard plastic moulding - Sometimes yields an improvement.

    The Decapod has to be factory fitted, so if you want one, order it with the cartridge or send your London cartridge to us for fitting. Can use 4BA or M2.5 bolts

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  2. London-Decca-Moving-Magnet-Cartridge-Maroon

    London Maroon Cartridge


    Superb bottom of the range cartridge with true high end performance.

    Spherical tip and 5mV moving magnet output - if you are sceptical about London performance this is a good place to start.

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  3. London-Decca-Moving-Magnet-Cartridge-Gold

    London Gold Cartridge


    Superb mid market cartridge with true high end performance - builds on the performance of the Maroon by virtue of it's more refined elliptical stylus profile

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  4. London-Decca-Moving-Magnet-Cartridge-Professional

    London Professional (DJ) Cartridge


    The Ultimate cartridge for DJ use and a truly great cartridge for audiophiles - This is a very special cartridge in our view as it has weightier bass than the rest of the range and tracks perfectly. There may be a very small loss in detail compared to other Londons but this is more than compensated for by the afore mentioned advantages. It can also scratch records as this is the only cartridge in the range that can take backwards movement of a record.

    Spherical tip and 5mV moving magnet output

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  5. London-Decca-Moving-Magnet-Cartridge-Super-Gold

    London Super Gold Cartridge


    The Super Gold is one of the most popular cartridges in the range due to it's incomparable value for money.

    It features an extended line stylus and damped metal body.

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  6. London-Decca-Moving-Magnet-Cartridge-Jubilee,

    London Jubilee Cartridge


    The Jubilee is a great cartridge with excellent reviews.It features an extended line contact stylus and special body.

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  7. London-Decca-Moving-Magnet-Cartridge-Reference

    London Reference Cartridge


    Top of the range cartridge with state of the art performance.

    Features ultra low mass fine line stylus and special body

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