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  • Multi-award winning Origin Live Hi Fi products - offered worldwide through dealers and direct
  • Stringently selected, other brand audio equipment - offered to UK only online or by demonstration
  • The ability to select equipment that not only sounds impressive initially but  yields long term listening pleasure.
  • Sound advice ranging from which individual components to buy, to complete system selectionIn-house demonstration facilities – by appointment only

Our Purpose

Origin Live aims to enrich your musical enjoyment by offering the highest grade products to a standard that outperforms both your expectations and our rivals. Many of our customers become great advocates of our brand, leaving highly enthusiastic feedback.

We sincerely hope that you will allow us the opportunity to demonstrate musical excellence to you, either directly or by way of one of our specialist retailers.

Origin Live's track record

Consistent results for over twenty five years have earned recognition as a leading brand.


Winner of over 15 Audio Equipment Awards.



  • Many hi-fi magazines consistently give Origin Live rave reviews, using superlatives such as “ultimate”, “best”, “truly special”, “highly recommended” and “the most addictive sound ever heard”…
  • Origin Live has won magazine group tests for its isolating stands, loudspeakers, speaker stands, turntables and tonearms. We won the “best sound of the show” accolade at that International Austrian hi-fi show in Vienna.
  • Dealers report that Origin Live products receive more rave feedback from their owners than any other brand they stock.

  • Owners are our best representatives and strongly recommend us as shown on the owner comments pages.

 We guarantee that Origin Live products will comfortably outperform anything else in their category, or we will give you your money back (if you buy direct from us; dealers can do this at their discretion).

The Team

Some Origin Live staff members have been with the company many years and aquired considerable expertise. We owe much  to their dedication. Outstanding interns from Loughborough University have also contributed much as part of our product design team.



We believe in offering:
  • Class-leading sound – products and advice must exceed expectations and deliver a definite upgrade to your listening experience.
  • Value for money – outstanding innovation, engineering and sound quality take precedence over marketing to deliver the best sound per pound to the customer.Correct design priorities – whereas many rivals offer showy engineering at the expense of sonics, Origin Live does not. For example, some tonearms have arrays of spring-loaded dials which look lovely but degrade the sound by introducing distorting resonances into the structure.
  • Original research – to advance the art of music reproduction requires an exhaustive ongoing research and development. Origin Live products are not copycat designs, but emanate from original research that ignores industry dogmas and conventional thinking.
  • Owner satisfaction – we rely on word-of-mouth recommendations for our fine ongoing reputation, so customer satisfaction is paramount and ranks among our proudest achievements.
  • Affordable prices – we provide the maximum possible quality at realistic prices, because it’s important to make superb sound accessible to as many people as possible.

We operate a number of policies designed to offer the best service and fair retail figures.

Aspects of service

Origin Live offers expertise in three distinct areas:

  • High-end and specialist manufacturing - Turntables, tonearms, power supplies, loudspeakers and cables.
  • Modifications, kits and upgrades - Loved by hands on Hi-Fi enthusiasts for their affordability and high-end performance.
  • Other manufacturer's products - because we’re passionate about sound, we also impartially recommend and offer a small but select number of products from other leading manufacturers.


Product supply is through retailers and direct mail order. Export is to more than 40 countries. We welcome inquiries and orders from anywhere in the world. Orders can be placed by credit card.


Product design, development, manufacture and assembly are all performed in-house. Sub-contractors are selected with the utmost care - for example the ultra hard plating on our top arms is carried out by the same firm used by Rolex and Bentley.

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