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Integrated Amplifiers

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  1. A10-Line-integrated-amplifier-puresound

    A10 Line Integrated Amplifier - Puresound


    The A10 has earned Best Buy awards in the UK and Russia and has just won a 'Golden Ear' award for best amplifier in Germany's 'Audio' magazine.

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  2. Creek-Evolution-2-Amplifier

    Creek Evolution 2 Amplifier


    The legacy continues with the Creek Evolution 2 Amplifier.
    Designed using high-quality components to deliver an even cleaner, undistorted and faithful sound that its forebear and with sleek and stylish looks, the Evo 2 is a terrific audiophile amp. With 5 stereo line inputs and full remote control, the new Evo 2 amplifier is a terrific buy.

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  3. Creek-Evolution- 50A-Amplifier

    Creek Evolution 50A Amplifier


    This new amplifier forms part of the next generation EVOLUTION 50 range of products. Housed in a slim case with engraved front panel and solidcontrol knobs, it’s finished in either black or silver brushed aluminium. An ingenious new push button design has been developed for it, offering excellent tactile feel and backlit optical indication of usable functions for optimum user-friendliness.

    This is Creek’s first product to feature an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. This white on black display provides higher clarity and resolution than a normal display. Brightness levels can be changed or the display made to turn off when not required, via the menu system.

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  4. Puresound A30 integrated Amplifier

    Puresound A30 integrated Amplifier


    The Pure sound A30 line valve integrated amplifier is a sonic wonder for the money and we don't say this lightly. With 30W output it can comfortably drive well matched speakers above 88dB sensitivity. This amp gives a beautiful lively presentation with a liquid, organic fluidity that makes listening an absolute pleasure. Very hard to beat for the money if you can live with valves.

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  5. Sugden-A21-Series-2-Amplifier

    Sugden A21L Line Amplifier


    An amplifier of extended and more controlled bass and treble but still retains the wonderfully detailed mid range of the original design. The amplifier became the A21a, a reference amplifier on many continents. Further improvements have achieved significant enhancement of performance and the amplifier has been rebranded as the Sugden A21a Series 2.

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  6. 2A3-Line-integrated-amplifier-puresound

    2A3 Line Integrated Amplifier - Puresound


    The earliest audio amplifiers made use of small, 3 element valves known as directly heated triodes.
    For many, the simple circuits that can be built around such devices better preserve the structure, colour and feeling within the music than any other circuit topology. One of the best sounding triodes, the 2A3, is in production again and its characteristic linearity has been employed in a novel configuration to create a particularly charming amplifier.
    The puresound 2A3 is an 18 Watt per channel line level integrated design that allows for the selection of up to 3 different source components and control of the volume by a high quality ALPS Blue Velvet potentiometer.

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  7. Amplifiers-Sugden-A21SE

    Sugden A21SE Amplifier


    The A21SE is a further expansion of the musical performance available from the Sugden single ended Class A output circuitry. Designed to provide more power output, greater speaker compatibility and a larger sound stage, it is not an uprated A21 Series 2 but a definitive amplifier in its own right.

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  8. Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Integrated Amplifier

    Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Integrated Amplifier


    The largest and most powerful integrated amplifier in the Sugden family which takes advantage of the initial Sugden class A output configuration. The Pure Class A solid state output stage equipped with greater power from a custom-built transformer and low impedance supply can project and fill an enormous holographic sound stage with ‘simply more music’.

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