What cartridges will match an Origin Live tonearm or turntable?

Despite talk of the need to system match and compliance issues we have found that in practice Origin Live arms work seriously well whatever they are put with. The reasons for this may slay a few sacred cows.

Compliance calculations are an overrated simplification of complex problems. As far as compliance issues go - Origin Live and many dealers think the theory bears little or no relation to reality. This view is now held due to the surprising experience that even theoretical optimums mistrack and theoretical mismatches track perfectly.

For example the cartridge man will tell you that his cartridges do not track in the SMEV arm even though the effective mass of 10.5 grams is PERFECT for the compliance of his cartridges. On the other hand our old Silver arm at  16 grams tracked his music maker and all other cartridges with no problems.

We get asked frequently about compliance and cartridge matching and the advice given never causes problems - ignore compliance - in a low friction, stiff, low resonance, well designed arm it is not an issue.

It is also true that whatever cartridge people are using they invariably get an upgrade over their ideal compliance arm when the change to one of ours - in other words compliance is well down the scale of significant factors to the point of irrelevance in a good arm.

For advice on what cartridge to use please go to our cartridge overview page as this is largely dependent on the overall sound of your system.



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