Which Tonearm should you choose?

People often ask us which tonearm we recommend for a specific deck or cartridge. The following may help you decide.

All our arms are compatible with all decks and all cartridges (if fitting is an issue please see fitting guidance

For those who worry about compliance please see link https://www.originlive.com/faq-s-on-mods/cartridge-matching-compliance.html

The higher you go in the Origin Live tonearm range, the greater the return on investment in terms of performance, reduced record wear and stylus wear.

Investing in a better arm is far more cost effective than investing in expensive cartridges. The performance of a good arm and mediocre cartridge is better than vica versa. You also save cartridge renewal costs.

The audible differences between Origin Live arms is not affected by turntables or cartridges. The real limitation on hearing the obvious differences is almost always down to how good your phono stage is. Mediocre phono stages such as found in most integrated amps act as a bottle neck and stifle signal information getting any further so differences are not so apparent.

How much of your budget you apportion to the arm largely depends on your end aspirations and the downlad on our home page titled "System Philosophy and upgrading" is recommended reading


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