Direct Sales & Ordering

UK Ordering

  • Our products are offered and can be demonstrated through Origin Live Specialist Dealers.
  • Alternatively you can deal direct with us via the products tab on the top navigation.
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Or phone us at +44(0)2380 578877

Ordering Outside the UK

Products you can order via the online shop from anywhere in the world

The following items can be ordered from us directly regardless of where you live:

  1. Most "Recommended Products" - we will inform you if we can't supply anything before processing your order or credit card.
  2. All Motor Upgrades and power supplies - this is a specialist area with many variables which is much more viable to supply directly.
  3. All Rega Arm Upgrades - The shipping + handling involved adds too much time and expense for a relatively low cost item.

Origin Live products may be ordered online or through dealers. If you live outside the UK then you can still order directly from us or go to a local dealer that exists in your country - see worldwide dealers

Price Adjustment

  1. For EEC countries VAT rate applies so there is no change to prices.
  2. For other countries divide all prices by 1.2 to deduct the 20% VAT rate which you do not have to pay. This is done for you automatically in the Origin Live shop.

Carriage Costs

Please go to the Origin Live shop to obtain an accurate quote for the items you require. This will calculate carriage charges to your particular country.

When sending arms to us for modification, upgrade or repair

Please note that if you fill in any customs declaration forms - tick the 'Gift Box'

Or if you want a riskier option write 'ITEM FOR REPAIR' on it. The customs form (usually a small green label) will not provide guidance on this, but just write it on anyway in a conspicuous manner. Also for 'value of goods' write a value less than £20 to avoid the payment of incorrect customs duty. Sadly customs don't pay too much attention to what you write and just slap duty on value figure that comes in which has caused us very severe losses in the past so please be careful as the costs of recovering any duty far outweighs the cost of the duty - we are talking of nearly a days work of hanging on the phone - form filling and endless aggravation.

If you do not do this we will be charged the import duty for whatever value you put on the goods - insurance value can be whatever you like but value of goods MUST be less than £20 as they are not being imported and are of zero value in actual fact as far as customs are concerned.

Methods of Payment

If you are using the Origin Live shop then you still need to use one of these methods of payment.

  1. If you are a UK resident you may send a crossed cheque payable to Origin Live Ltd.
  2. We have facility to take credit cards and welcome Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Switch, Solo, JCB, American express. If you wish to use this method please send us your credit card number, the exact name on your credit card and expiry date via one of the following:
    1. Send a letter via air mail.
    2. Fax through the details
    3. Telephone us - please bear in mind any time zone difference e.g. if in east coast USA, add 5 hours to your time to estimate the time in the UK.

      Please do not e-mail your credit card details to us as there are large fines in the order of £40,000 if we accept payments via e-mail on an unsecured server. When you use an insecure line (one without https:// at the start of the log on address) there is a very real danger of your card being compromised - there are unscrupulous servers that are capable of identifying and harvesting any credit card number passing through them - these numbers are then used fraudulently. Our web site shop IS safe because it is on a secure server but our normal e-mail address is not.

      Please also note that in order to avoid processing invalid orders and to keep costs down we charge credit cards on receipt of order and not on dispatch. We have found this system is much more reliable and efficient. Most orders are normally dispatched within a week but kit turntable orders can take up to 28 days due to the number of batch made parts.

  3. Direct transfer to our bank - we will e-mail bank details on request.
  4. International Money order, or cashiers cheque.
  5. Cash in GBP pounds sterling sent in an insured letter.
  6. Send signed travellers cheques.
  7. Eurocheque.

If you wish to pay in American dollars or convert from other currencies, please multiply prices by factors found in up to date foreign currency conversion site here.

Returning Goods to Origin Live from all Countries Outside the EEC.

Paper work and form filling is tedious for most of us. However we must ask that you take care when returning goods to us for repair or refund. Incoming goods usually incur severe Duty and VAT charges levied on us incorrectly if proper procedures are not followed. The bureaucracy of recovering these charges is so nightmarish that we don't even embark on it now.

Procedure is as follows:

  1. Make a copy of the invoice that came with the goods - (photocopy, photo or scan). If you have lost your invoice please let us know and we can e-mail it to you.
  2. Mark or highlight the goods on the invoice that are being returned and mark “returned”
  3. In the “description of goods” box on the consignment note or airway bill etc, write the following “Being returned, faulty goods as highlighted on invoice – to be entered into the UK under RETURNED GOODS RELIEF” Under code 6123F01. NO VAT OR DUTY to be charged.


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