arm playing record head on 1200

"...the best musical results I've ever heard from any turntable regardless of price." STEREO TIMES

"In fact this arm-table combo is one of the finest performers I've heard at any price....But regardless of price, this is one of the truly special products I've reviewed in the past 18 years." - MICHAEL FREMER - STEREOPHILE

As specialist manufacturers and dealers in high performance vinyl record replay we offer:

  • A more enjoyable and satisfying musical replay experience
  • Product range from “Aspirational, cost no object designs” to “High Value and affordable”

  • Upgrade modifications for existing turntables and tonearms

  • Complete systems and leading 3rd party products

  • Expert advice on system choices

Why choose Origin Live?

  • Editors, Reviewers and Leading Audio designers own Origin Live products in their reference systems

  • 17 prestigious Awards stretching back to 1989

  • Group comparison test winners

  • In house design and manufacture

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