Calypso MK4 Turntable

"Simply stated, the Origin Live Illustrious tonearm/Aurora Gold turntable (now Calypso) produce the best musical results of any turntable I've ever heard, regardless of price." Stereo Times  read more

"This turntable gets the thumbs up it thoroughly deserves for the fine performance it provided.” Malcolm Steward, Hi Fi Choice

For out-and-out performance, this deck has it all. Capable of outperforming many decks on the market at many times its price, Calypso MK3 is simply without peer.

Its strengths lie in the superb transparency, dynamics, and tangible soundstaging. Also, being neutral and system-friendly, it suits most applications very well.

The Calypso improves on lower decks in the range thanks to its significantly upgraded motor supply, improved isolation of the main bearing and high mass solid metal ‘inertia’ disc to damp plinth vibration.

Options include a 12 inch arm mount, or dual armboard which can be ordered using the option button below.

For more information about turntable buying, and how choosing a better deck can transform the sound of your system, see  "Why decks really matter"


Calypso Turntable MK4

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Quick Overview

Arm Mount
The deck includes an arm mounting to fit all Origin Live 240mm (9.5") tonearms. For full details on other arms that will fit, see 'What arms fit'.  A mounting option to fit 12" arms is also available, but this is an either/or choice, rather than an addition. Customers can change over to the 12" option at a later date, but there’s a considerable saving if you order it with the deck.

Superb Styling
The elegant simplicity of Aurora MK4's sculpted curves, along with its deep polished finish and top quality machine parts make it a highly attractive design.

Technical Features
- Heavy inertia disc for mounting the subchassis reduces vertical modes of vibration
- Inertia disc pods resist rotational forces due to ground- and airborne vibration
- ‘Ultra’ control circuit using higher grade components for improved performance

Power Supply
Calypso features a load-compensating regulated power supply which is stable across a wide range of operating temperatures. Speed control is easily switched electronically between 33 and 45rpm; 78rpm is also available on request.

Setting Up 
Thanks to its unique design, there’s nothing to go out-of-tune. A non-suspended design, it is simple to set up for years of fuss-free performance. VTA arm adjustment is convenient, with open access to the underside of the armboard.

Light Speed Controller
view information about our new Light Speed Controller here.

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Calypso Turntable MK4

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Calypso Turntable MK4 (excluding arm)   +£2,100.00

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  1. Difficult to imagine a better musical experience than this. Review by Liam

    Many thanks for the recently arrived Calypso and Illustrious. This is a shockingly good combination which is dramatically superior to
    my previous deck, a Linn LP12/Ittok. The Calypso/Illustrious has huge authority and solidity in the stereo image which is substantially deeper and
    wider than anything I have heard before. Complex orchestral passages widen out to reveal individual instrument timbres and their location in the soundscape. The dynamic range is also vastly superior and capable of both power and subtlety. Most importantly the whole experience is very musically engaging. All of this is with a week old deck and a £100 cartridge, which only confirms Origin Live's design philosophy of the importance of the turntable and arm. I can't praise this combination highly enough. Anyone wanting a taste of musical paradise at an extremely reasonable price should seriously consider Origin Live. It's difficult to imagine a better musical experience than this. (Posted on 18/10/2014)

  2. Absolute Revelation Review by Phil

    We went down the Linn route finally settling on a Townshend Rock Reference before going CD.
    I recently became curious about LP's again and purchased a secondhand Rega Planar and fitted a new Denon 103R to discover it firmly trounced my very expensive CD player.
    We then decided to upgrade back to a Rock,but after talking to yourself decided to try an Origin Live turntable.I was fortunate enough to discover a secondhand Aurora Gold to which I fitted the RB250 and Denon off the old deck.
    This thing is an absolute revelation and made me realise I had a very expensive hifi but no music in the house.
    The deck has got very little rest since it has arrived and seems to be at home with all genres of music,I now have height and depth to the music that I did not realise existed.
    The speakers have disappeared,not an easy task with huge transmission lines.
    I use Audio Research valve amplication and very expensive speakers with a £3000 CD player which shall remain anonymous since it is severely embarrassed by your turntable.
    How do you make these things for the money.I shall be shortly be purchasing one of your tonearms to do justice to the deck.
    Thankyou for putting music back in our house and anybody who wants to experience music and not hifi would be mad not to beat a path to your door.
    Kindest regards
    Dr Phil Carter (Posted on 07/09/2013)

  3. Highly Recommended Review by Rob

    Mine's the Aurora Gold (2007): a lovely beguiling sound, detailed but never sterile. To some extent you can experiment with the belt tension whereby the least possible (meaning there's no W&F) stretch can give a still warmer sound.Apparantly the Calypso MK 3 is better still in most respects but I'll stick with this one. (Posted on 17/05/2013)

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