Who we are and what we do


Mark Baker (The main man) A little bit about Mark is best said by some magazine review comments from those who know us:

"Any hi-fi manufacturer will tell you how great its products are. Some say it with a passion bordering on the psychotic, showing how completely blinkered they are to other companies' designs. Others say it with just the slightest hint of irony, as if to say "come on, we're not that bad really." Origin Live calls its new Illustrious, "unquestionably the best tonearm in the world by a staggering margin".This surprises me, because it hails from OL's Mark Baker, who is absolutely the last man on this planet prone to bouts of hyperbole or overstatement. If he's right, it could be one of this decade's most important products - to us analogue addicts, at least. Mark is a very quiet man with patience, an enquiring mind and forensic  attention to detail.These attributes, plus thousands of hours of listening time, enabled him to come up with a 'thesis'......." David Price Hi Fi World Editor

Of course success is dependent on a great team of people and Origin Live is fortunate to have retained skilled people who now have many years of experience to produce high standard of workmanship.


An insight into how we create our precision-made Turntable Platters:



Origin Live Ltd. Unit 5, 362B Spring Road Sholing, Southampton SO19 2PB, UK